Lead Acid Batteries in Asia

Lead-acid batteries are physically large batteries that contain lead plates in a solution of acid to create electricity. They are a common power source for many applications; mostly cars, boats, standby power generators. The low cost and ease of manufacture of lead-acid batteries in relation to other electrochemical couples should ensure a continuing demand for this system in the future.

The optimum operating temperature for lead-acid batteries is 25 degrees Celsius.  It is important to be aware of temperature when using and storing lead-acid batteries for every 8 degrees Celsius rise in temperature will cut the battery life in half.

Lead-acid batteries are the most commonly type of storage batteries used in the systems because of their low maintenance requirements, low initial cost, and their availability across the globe.

GP Battery Industries private limited manufactures automotive battery, lead acid batteries in Asia and battery related products . With years of battery experience, we provide our customers what they need: quality products and expert advice. Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of automotive batteries and automotive gel battery that is known for its high efficiency.

Contact Address:
59 Min Theikdi Kyawzwa Road,
Industrial Zone 3,
Hlaing Thar Yar Township,
Yangon, Myanmar (BURMA).
TEL : 951 684 604, 951 684 710
951 685 635, 959 500 5426
FAX : 951 684 801



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